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I chose to attend the Advanced Coaching workshop simply to learn how to better structure my career consultations, and I walked away with so much more. I gained a keen understanding of both personality profiles and coaching theories, which I was able to implement straight away within many areas of my practice.

I’ve moved forward with my clients with renewed confidence & abilities, which has had remarkable improvement on the outcomes.  I also learnt a lot about myself, and it gave me immense motivation to push forth and purse my own dreams!

Nigel was an engaging, insightful and knowledgeable facilitator who deftly uses story-telling, humour and years of experience to truly make a meaningful impact on everyone in attendance. I’d highly recommend this course to anyone.  Dayna Edwards General Manager Get Hired Perth

I’ve enjoyed reflecting on the workshop and have had lots of conversations with colleagues, family and friends. For me, I think the most valuable part of the workshop will be the tools that I can use to assist students/clients.  I’m really looking forward to using them. Overall, I rate the workshop very highly as it provided a good blend of personal challenge and professional development.  It has helped me personally as well as in my work life and that is great . 
Many thanks for the way you run the workshop Nigel - it runs at a good pace, with enough time for talk during the sessions, yet I left feeling like I had worked hard and learned a huge amount.  Thanks!  Annie McIntosh Curriculum Manager Careers & Vocational Education Carey Baptist College Perth
The Create My Future Workshop is a very engaging, totally relevant program that gives students confidence in their abilities, and strategies to help them understand the world of work.  We have had the Careers Fast Track program for a number of years at our College, and the student response to the program is always extremely positive.  Rob Bertagnolio Victoria University Secondary College
After attending your very informative course at the end of last year, I was inspired to get back to school and start using the questionnaires and reports with students.
We trialed it with a small number of students and became convinced that it would be worthwhile rolling it out to the whole school over the next year or two. At the start of this year I used the video introducing Careers Fast Track to the year 13's and got all of them to answer the basic questionnaires. Using the information from the Student Management System was easy. Since then I have printed out their Personal Learning and Career Pathway Plans and explained it in a one on one meeting.  They took the plan home and completed the activities with their parents. After a week or so I catch up and record their career path and a summary of their career choices in our Student Management System where the information becomes available to subject teachers and academic counsellors.
Students have responded very positively and found the number of jobs they could choose from amazing. Parents have contacted me and felt very positive about the information their children has received and are helping their children find more information on the careers that were identified. Teachers are very happy with the short summary that is available to them giving them an opportunity to get to know another side of the students.
We are now also getting our year 7 students on the system with the Learnability questionnaire and report. The teachers are more involved in this process giving the students time in class to answer the questionnaires and help students setting goals towards developing their skills.  Overall, this program is an excellent resource to help ensure a professional service to our students within our career education and guidance program. Elizabeth van den Berg Otamatea High School NZ

This training was and will be extremely useful for me on a practical basis.  The repetition and learning, slow brain thinking, practical tools for coaching, assessing clients and the career management system - all are fantastic!  I will use these tools!  Rebecca Allan-Mattiske Careers Counsellor

Excellent - highly practical allowing lots of practice coaching and counselling.  Real life examples were shared throughout the presentation.  This will form the basis of my careers program for years 10 to 12.  Kellie Giames Melton Christian College

"Simply a great workshop with ample practice and role-plays to consolidate the material.  The Career Management System is great - I can easily implement this into my school.  Thanks for a great three days! Rachel Carroll Mary Mackillop School NSW

"While it is challenging to be out of school for 3 days, if the training was shorter it would not have been as effective! Having 3 days has meant that learning could take place because of opportunities for practice, slow thinking and reflection.  The workshop structure and methodology ensure deep learning which facilitates training transfer.  The use of narratives and metaphors was excellent!  This training has in some way acted as the 'glue' to bring theory and practice together in my head.  The tools are valuable in a real way for students - they will actually assist the career development process rather than just serve to tick a box.  This is an excellent workshop!" Jane Carroll Eidsvold Secondary School

"Great resources, very motivating presentation, excellent learning and tools!" Rachel Miller Careers Perth Modern School

"This training offers fantastic value - the tools and methodology covered are outstanding and the CMS is a toolset I feel confident to use with my client group. The workbook and the teaching in this workshop are very good!"  Sam Cox Career Coach Rugby Western Australia

"An excellent workshop in every way!" Carin Havinga Kingsway Christian College

"Outstanding! Just having my own profile as a context for learning, the metaphors, stories and a workshop packed full of practical tools - Excellent!" Kat Clements Clements WA 

"This workshop has had me stop and think about what I do and where my own career is heading! The real value is the tools to work with clientele.  An excellent workshop!" Violet  Southern Rehab Perth

"Excellent!  Nigel is an excellent trainer - loved the stories and real-life examples. The structure of the workshop reinforced and accelerated learning. This workshop has provided me with a system and methodology to use in my private coaching business - saving me a lot of time - reducing administrative time and improving coaching relationship time - fantastic!" Lynda Bundock Top Job Coaching

"A very professional and enjoyable workshop - I now have a very good understanding of assessment processes and how they apply in my organisation." Kinga Schmidt Calvary Christian College

"An excellent workshop - connections between theory and practice were made clear.  Assisted with self-understanding and understanding how reality constructed influences thinking, feeling and behaving."  Sue Smith JCU

"The workshop helped me connect theory with practice - I look forward to working with the tools and strategies with my clients." Leesa Stevenson Columba Catholic College

"The workbook, the planned sessions, the recapping each day - just loved this workshop and I wish all post-graduate studies could be like this! Excellent!" Janelle Hingman Auburn High School

"The powerpoint visuals, hands on tools, ability to put theory to practice, the reports, questioning techniques, story telling - this workshop is a totally excellent package!" Roberta Bakotic Werribee SC

"Breaking down subjects into manageable chunks and reinforcing key learnings - excellent!" Lil Kennedy Career Practitioner

"The analogies used clearly explained the theory and the practical examples enhanced my learning and understanding.  This is a great framework to work with for clients as it is completely client centered." Jess Symes WISE

"An excellent workshop - relaxed nature of conversation allowed the learning of career-life patterns to be absorbed and learned.  Very practical set of tools, questioning techniques and ability to quickly work with students to identify personal attributes." Scott Westray Gilson College

"Everything about this workshop is excellent!  I'm returning to school and restructuring our program!" Renae Casterton

"The practical application in this workshop is excellent.  I loved the career model, the coaching and understanding more about the coaching process." Lisa White IMVC

"I liked the combination of theory versus practice.  I loved the content - very interesting.  Good overview of the assessment tools and great explanation of the theory behind it." Alana Birchall Career Practitioner

"The career assessment tools are fabulous - going to take them straight back to school and start using them." Marg O'Shea Copperfield College

"A very good workshop - the resources I now have for my careers practice are great!" Belinda Icani HRM Practitioner

"A really excellent workshop!" Steve Ryan Private Practitioner

"A very enjoyable workshop which was excellent in every detail and structured in a way that completely supported learning the material." Bwe Thay Swinburne University

"A very good workshop - great notes for future reference, examples and discussion made learning the range of tools and strategies for coaching easy." Sylvia Fisher Golden Grove High School

"The counselling components were easy to follow and practical.  The material was very well delivered which helped to learn it at a deeper level. The anecdotal stories really helped conceptualise the ideas and concepts." Oliver Thorne Private Practitioner

"An excellent workshop that has provided a solid basis for me to build upon." Alison Lovett Private Practitioner

"I liked the framework for questioning and the counselling practice the best - this workshop has been very helpful and now I feel like I have an excellent framework to build upon for my private practice." Catherine Raffaele

"I enjoyed the theoretical component as this is one area I needed refreshing. This workshop is very practical - the questioning techniques were great!  This workshop has been excellent to assist me to continue to develop the career develop strategy at my school as a part of the PLP." Angela Koehler Golden Grove High School

"The small group work, theory made practical by relevant examples and discussion, the trainers approach - credible, fun, real - all made for an excellent workshop.  Thanks Nigel - I really enjoyed your teaching style and content." Lisa Cartwright Commonwealth Bank

"A very practical workshop with easy access to tools - underpinning theory explained but kept practical.  Met some terrific people for my network!  Small group interaction, constant revision of learning, great materials - this is an excellent workshop!" Sheena Wilson Consulting

"A very good workshop - the training materials were easy to use and the workshop format really helped learning." Dawn Toynton

"This workshop has been an outstanding training program in so many ways. The tools and strategies are excellent." Carol Johnson Ngalangangpum WA

"Second time around - just brilliant. Packed full of tools and practical career coaching strategies." Geoff Wood Nagle Catholic College WA

"Excellent tools to facilitate career development with clients. An excellent workshop all round." Jane McCormack WA

"The coaching techniques we learned were excellent and I look forward to using them in private practice." Catie Robins WA

"Excellent - this workshop is packed full of useful career development tools and strategies for use within education." Russell Hinks Trinity College WA

"An excellent workshop extremely well delivered." Cherry Robinson DECD SA

"Structured, clear, easy to follow packed full of useful and interesting information. Excellent!" Helen Edwards DECD SA

"Excellent - having exposure to the practical application of the theory puts so much value in the counselling toolkit! The workbook is excellent - perhaps a digital form would also be useful. Overall this workshop is excellent value!" Marilyn Grosser Pasadina HS SA

"The trainer made the workshop engaging and enjoyable - I also learned some very good tools to assist my clients. An excellent workshop!" Michael Coggins Seaton High SA

"Excellent - relevant, interesting, useful - I feel as though I've learned a great deal during the last 3 days. The training has provided me with knowledge and skills that will be useful to my clientele. I am looking forward to implementing it in the school from year 7 up and using it as a resource to shape year 12 curriculum." Sonia Panar Yankavilla Area School SA

"The workbook was a great resource, clear and supported learning. The repetition, practice and learning techniques were most helpful - an excellent workshop all round." Sharon Chesson Norwood HS SA

"I liked the background theory and its application to what I'm doing in school but I can also see application and benefits for whole life experiences and helping a broad range of people. An excellent, insightful and valuable workshop." Kim Twaddle Henley High School SA

"Very interesting and insightful workshop presented exceptionally well. The tools and methodologies are definitely useful. The pre-course work was most useful to prepare for the workshop content and maximised learning. The counselling models and practice was very useful. The theory content was great to set the scene for understanding the counselling models. An excellent workshop." Vanessa Perritt Henley High School SA

"This workshop is delivered very well with a mix of theory, practice and anecdotes. Excellent tools and methodologies." Tristan Kouwarhoren PT Lincoln HS SA

"An excellent workshop with lots of information and new tools and lots of time to trial and apply them. A most relevant and meaningful learning experience." Sandy Alston Mitcham Girls HS SA

"An excellent program that provides indepth, challenging and new learning which is presented extremely well!" Steve McVicar SA

"This workshop hits exactly the right note in terms of learning challenge. It is presented very competently and is instantly engaging. This workshop certainly met my personal goals of learning more skills and tools for career counselling plus it enabled me to see how the system could work in practice. Overall - excellent." Jill Olifent Mitcham Girls HS SA

"This workshop is excellent - it provides good skills and knowledge you can use tomorrow. Absolutely valuable range of tools and methodologies to use with clients delivered intensely over 3 days - excellent learning!" Michael Huggett Seaten High School SA

"A very informative and exciting approach to careers. Extremely useful tools and methodologies for use with the client - heaps of tools and approaches. An excellent learning experience." Tony Holden Roxby Downs SA

"Excellent - a very good introduction to the field of career counselling. The tools, questioning techniques, coaching models, different ways of viewing the client and learning techniques make this an excellent workshop." Elio Bicanic NSW

"A thoroughly enjoyable and interesting workshop. Fits the school context perfectly - excellent all round." Michael Pearce Cecluna Area School SA

"The stories, the repetition and practice worked really well for me. An excellent workshop and the tools are useful in more ways than just careers." Ann O'Sullivan Roxby Downs Area School SA

"An extremely professional presentation where the presenter really knows his stuff! The clarity of delivery, the workshop manual, learning repetition and practicing with peers - there were so many things which were excellent about this learning experience. Can't wait to try the tools." Laurice Braithwaite DECD SA

"Great workshop - the practice counselling sessions were very useful." Anne Harris Lexton HS SA

"The pre-reading enabled me to be well prepared and organised when I arrived. The program was easy to follow and understand. Nigel was an expressive, knowledgeable and interesting speaker. The workshop provides extremely useful tools for careers and in teaching. An excellent workshop overall." Teri Oliver Yankalilla Area School SA

"Storytime! The methodology, tools and approaches to work with clients of all ages was excellent!" Pano Dimopoulos Outplacement Australia

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