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"Excellent - all content was valuable and well delivered, how the information was shared kept me thoroughly engaged. This workshop provides excellent career coaching tools." Sonia Thoresen Brisbane

"This workshop is a great learning experience - the trainer keeps the class engaged and focused - an excellent workshop." Bernie Bishop Career Change

"The different teaching approaches, diagrams and drawings, ethics, clear explanations - this workshop is really good and provides an excellent career toolkit for schools and adults." Kerrie Richards Brisbane State High School

"The trainer knows his stuff! Excellent!" Hanna Kemp Brisbane

"The speed of delivery was supported by great real life stories that helped integrate the theory and its application - excellent workshop." Paulina Guttormsen Bond University Queensland

"Possibly the best facilitator and workshop I've ever attended! EXCELLENT! The theory has enabled me to feel more confident to work with all students now in a more meaningful and valuable way. I feel this will enhance my integrity with students immensely. Also with myself! I have so many more ideas around roadblocks or 'single lane' students where i was struggling to get them to experience vision and scope I think I have tools to make this more accessible. Fantastic workshop." Helen Ransom Guaranteeing Futures Tasmania

"A very informative workshop and it is presented amazingly well. I enjoyed the visual presentations and marvelled at the presenters expertise and knowledge of the different topics. The pearls of wisdom "Pearlers" were equally great. Teh workshop has certainly opened up a door to a bigger world and I can put the novice cap on ready to explore new and interesting ways to assist my clientele." Gavin Evans Guaranteeing Futures Tasmania

"Interesting, engaging, humorous - an excellent workshop. The presenter was fantastic." Lauren How Guaranteeing Futures Tasmania

"Excellent learning full of practical tools..." Aileen Lake LCS Tasmania

"Very engaging workshop presented professionally and ultra-competently! This material will assist me working with students and help me help them to realise their potential. Stories, metaphors, "pearlers" - all of these are intensely practical and add to my toolkit - thanks!" Judy Poynter Scotch Oakburn College Tasmania

"Excellent!" Paul Cooksey Guaranteeing Futures Tasmania

"Excellent workshop - very informative and changed pace regularly. Nigel really knows his stuff. Excellent ideas and resources as well as alternative ways of looking at things. The course had a great format and progression which complemented each other and build confidence as well." Nik Smith Emerald College Vic

"An excellent workshop that is very insightful and valid. The presenter has a thorough understanding of content and its many applications." Trayci Cane Dept of Ed Tasmania

"The pace and practical application were excellent. Nigel has incredible background information with research and broad application knowledge. I now have greater confidence and structure in counselling practice and a range of new tools for application. The presentation of the workshop was superb, the pace, reinforcement of learning, positivity, realistic application, life long learning application - excellent, outstanding and hugely valuable learning." Lyn Johnston Careers The Friends School Tasmania

"The pre-course activities and readings were great as they introduced us to material so we could pre-learn. The structure of the workshop and practice sessions were helpful to reinforce learning and theory. The range of teaching styles were outstanding. The whole workshop is excellent and I'm looking forward to using these tools." Barbara Read St Peter's Cambridge NZ

"The introduction of 'reality-construct' was important as this remains constant over the persons life-span. The career tools are great - the variety of tools and when to use them. The balance of the school model and private practice and organisational practice models was achieved. The delivery of the content was the key - lively, engaging and thought provoking. Excellent learning!" Blair Brownless Dept of Ed Tasmania

"An inspirational workshop - where the stories, insights, pace, practicality and group learning were fantastic." Esther Groote RMKCG

"The learning recall skills I learned were valuable - I love having a toolbox of portfolio goodies for clients - I love the admin system." Caroline Marshall BTG

"The counselling methodology will be useful and I can see applications for whole school curriculum planning. Excellent." Kendal Drew...

"The delivery was excellent and very entertaining. I found out lots about myself and that my potential is unlimited." Alyson Copper Bridging the Gap

"Excellent delivery, engaging and incredible depth of knowledge from the presenter. Really valuable learning." Jo Scellier ICC

"Excellent - this workshop provides tools that are easy to learn and valuable in career coaching and personal development." Annie Wynne WAIS

"Awesome! This workshop is delivered so well you don't even know you are learning! The subliminal use of "you can" messages was best practice teaching and made for a positive and enjoyable learning environment. Grace Itzstein All Saints College WA

"Loved the practical applications in this workshop and the hands on approach. Really valuable learning." Tanya Downes Bunbury Catholic College

"Enjoyed the counselling, one on one, networking and the counselling tools. Excellent." Kelly Strange Dept of Ed WA

"Great - the counselling process involves much variety in questioning which was really excellent!" Robert Lee Emmanuel College Warrnambool

"I constantly look for practical applications relevant to my workplace and I was pleased that Nigel was able to present me with a model that I could implement." Graeme Crosbie Wanganuii Park

"I really enjoyed the learning very much and particularly the career coaching concepts involved. The step by step approach was very helpful and I now feel more confident with career counselling and I find the online tools very helpful and I will use them with clients." Shirley Griffiths DSDBI

"Really enjoyed the whole workshop - the format was great and really benefited me." Steph ...

"Excellent workshop providing a range of new tools for use in career practice." June Michael The Smith Family

"Excellent content and very practical. A great presenter imparting real life experiences, the counselling model and skills to practice - a very enjoyable course all round!" Anita Burich

"The practical skills and expertise of the trainer make you feel confident in our abilities and encourage us to do the hard work to succeed and reach the extraordinary!" Tania Steyn Careers

"Most valuable for counselling practice and extremely useful toolset for career coaching - excellent!" Judith Vernon The Transition HQ

"Days went very quickly - the material in this workshop is very useful. Excellent tools, ideas, practical application and questioning techniques." Karen Pritchard Emmanuel College Warrnambool

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