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I want to undertake the rest of the CFT Career Curriculum! Janet Lake (Career Teacher Corowa High School)

I want to do the Master Practitioner program - keep me informed! Melissa Blake (Consultant MST Workplace Solutions Tasmania)

Simply an excellent learning experience. Annette Kilsby (Career Teacher Catholic Ladies College Vic)


Practical, Logical, Sequential, Interesting, Factual, FUN and EXCITING - it has all the ingredients of good learning. Tracey McCallum (Private Consultant)

Finding out more about myself and how I can transfer this knowledge to students was invaluable. Exploring and understanding the prevalence of 'behavioural patterns' and how these influence the career journey, then learning tools to work with these, was the most valuable part of the program for me. Bromwhy Lawry (Career Teacher Pimlico SHS Qld)

Great tools and resources - Love the extranet and portfolio methodology especially! The client-centred approach really works. Kerry Neilson (Guidance Officer St Rita's Brisbane)

An excellent program that has natural synergies and value adds with the transition program that I manage. A highly enjoyable learning program that challenges and inspires growth for self and client! Thank you. Judith Sheridan (Director Sunstaff Townsville)

I rate this program as one of the best I have attended on careers! Lyn Perry (Career Teacher Berengarra School)

An excellent program that has given me confidence and a fantastic career program to implement in the school. Deb Robertson (Career Coordinator Derrinallum P12 College Vic)

An excellent program based upon the latest thinking and methodology in careers. Fantastic learning experience! Barry Launder (Teacher Swinburne University)

Very good, great framework and professional content. Extremely useful in a corporate career management setting. I'm looking forward to getting out there to apply these skills. Jenny Carmuciano (Director JLC HR consulting)

This program is a great 'self learning' experience! Nigel is an excellent rapport builder and story teller - this week has been top class learning and highly enjoyable. Thank you. Carol Grant (Career Teacher Caulfield Grammar School)

The CFT program is excellent! The tools and methodology I've learned will be a fantastic addition to my counselling practice! Nicole Carlill (Career Coordinator St Rita's Brisbane)

I am really excited about using the program with my students and believe it has been, without doubt, the most informative, productive and useful PD in career practitioner training I have ever attended. Julie Willis (Guidance Officer Varsity College Qld)

Pushing this outstanding program to be accredited with the AACC for the purpose of satisfying the requirements for the career counsellors for 2012 is my recommendation! Paul King (Career Teacher Emmanuel Catholic College WA)

I am confident that I will succeed with this program but it is also good to know that I can contact CFT at any time. Sylvia Barrie (Career Teacher Applecross SHS WA)

Nigel presents with excitment and passion - he really knows his stuff! This program is, I believe, essential PD for anyone within the counselling careers profession. Gerry (Private Consultant)

The CFT Accreditation is a very empowering training program. It has a highly structured approach, excellent handbook format and user friendly teaching style. Kate McMullan (Careers Mildura SSC)

All our year 10 students will be undertaking this program when I return to school. Thanks... Dianna de Deuge (Careers Teacher Leighland Christian School Tasmania)

I realize it would not be fair on you to ask you to plan so far ahead but I will contact you later in the year to see if such an arrangement would be possible. Allyson Ferguson (VCE Coordinator Gippsland Grammar)

Overall, it was quite intensive but of outstanding value from a career counselling perspective. This is a program you can complete and land on the ground back at work - running! The tools and methodologies make the career counselling role so much more efficient and effective! Merrill Farmer (Careers Kurunjang SC)

The program was a week of intense and stimulating fun. I am sure we all felt invigorated by the experience and excited about the possibilities that the Personality offers for both students and staff. John Frawley ((Careers Rowville SC)

I found the course to be very professionally organised and probably the most beneficial and insightful course (long or short) I have participated in. Judi Alexander (Buckley Park SC)

Get into your reading early and enjoy the experience it is like turning on a light when it all clicks. Fascinating knowledge that should be taught in Education Degree's to all beginning teachers. Hari Nikolaou (Career Teacher Banksia SC)

This was the most effective and efficient workshop and program I have ever undertaken. Quality in a nutshell! Jill Pearmain (Careers Melton SC)

I feel highly motivated and more passionate about career counselling than ever. The new skills and tools are amazing! Lynne Hamilton (Debeney Park SC)

A most enlightening and insightful experience from a career-life perspective. Thanks so much. Sue Lenz (Career Teacher Kurunjang SC Melton Vic)

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