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"An absolutely awesome course! The trainer is excellent and is so engaging. The way this workshop is presented and the level of interaction offers an outstanding learning experience and the tools and methodologies are fantastic!" Gill Higgins Eastland Careers New Zealand

"An excellent workshop, outstanding learning. The trainer has very deep knowledge on both education and corporate applications - the anecdotes were so valuable to apply the learning. Extremely valuable tools and systems that I will be implementing as soon as possible. This training offers extreme value providing a range of new tools to assist you to meet the individual personal growth, learning and course and career planning needs of clients! Just brilliant!" David Trought AUT New Zealand

"This workshop could not have been better! Three quick take aways: 1. Learning reality construct and applying it to your own life patterns 2. The approaches to rewiring our own neural pathways 3. Nigel's conviction in the importance and relevance of career planning and its market value! A must do - excellent - workshop! Thankyou." Lila Pulsford Manukau Institute of Technology New Zealand

"An excellent program and I'd love it to be even longer! The trainer definitely knows his stuff! This workshop reminds you to go out of your comfort zone and keep up formal learning. Based upon neuroscience research, you are encouraged to recognise and pay less attention to the inner dialogue - if it is taking you away from your preferred outcome. A great learning experience." Linda Allen CPIT New Zealand

"This workshop accommodates different learning styles, provides great variety and pace and is an excellent learning experience that can be used practically with any client." Brenda Keating Work & Support New Zealand

"Overall excellent - can't be faulted! The trainer really knows his stuff and the tools, methodologies and training tips offer outstanding value for the education and corporate environment - outstanding!" Rachel Gamperle Otago Chamber of Commerce New Zealand

"Simply brilliant - really enjoyed the speed and the amount of information based upon researched practice. Nigel was excellent and answers all questions thoroughly. An excellent workshop." Roni Jordan Southern Rehabilitation Institute New Zealand

"An excellent program and learning experience with a bunch of practical new tools that provide excellent value for counselling practice. " John Adams PNBHS New Zealand

"Simply excellent! Nigel is extremely knowledgeable and makes the content absolutely interesting. This workshop provides a set of tools for career coaching which are especially useful for adult clients. An excellent program." Sylvia Keet, Keet Consulting Ltd New Zealand

"An absolutely great program - excellent content and excellent trainer. You never get off topic even for one minute! The tools, methodologies and insights are extremely useful in career counselling with students and adults." D. Kersten St Peter's College New Zealand

"I highly recommend the workshop. This is not just because it is face-to-face, I met others studying the Grad Cert and others that were just doing the workshop, and it is a most enjoyable method of learning. I have attended a lot of training in my time, as many of us have and some of it has been uninspiring to say the least.

As a result of attending the workshop, I learned an incredible amount about myself and the way I learn and manage, I gained a greater understanding of why others behave the way they do and I also have a lot more tools and knowledge of learning styles that will assist me to help my children as they interact with the education system and prepare for their own entry into working life.

On top of all of this, I learned how to utilise career assessments to not only understand my clients and assist my clients to develop their own awareness of their personal preferences, but also how I can use the assessments to give me the heads up on how to best interact with those clients. I gained knowledge of step by step counselling models, motivational tools, and questioning techniques and also the range of opportunities for Careers Counsellors to apply their craft in a variety of settings, and some ideas on costing models for these different methods and settings.

Additionally, there were tips on Business Planning to help me successfully set up my own business if that's the way I want to go. And I am also now licenced to utilise the vast array of testing offered by Career Management Systems as well as having access to information including PowerPoint Presentations that can be delivered to client groups.

If I had paid for the workshop directly rather than via my Swinburne fees, I would say it would have been some of the best money I have ever spent. I have since recommended the workshop to three friends. I came away incredibly motivated to apply everything I learned. By the way, I would say I usually approach corporate training with a healthy dose of skepticism - suffice to say - I'm a big fan of the workshop! Do it if you can." Danielle Foulis HR Professional DF Consulting

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