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"An excellent 3 days - stimulating, thought provoking and providing some fantastic tools to assist career coaching practice for students and adults. The workshop design allowed for deeper learning and the stories of application really helped to create 'pegs' for learning." Michael Graves Brisbane State High

"Completing the refresher has motivated me to a whole new level in using the many tools, systems and methodologies in this course. The workshop is excellent - well structured and well presented." Alison Bird The Glennie School Qld

"Fantastic! Lucky to have a trainer so knowledgeable. Learned a range of new skills, tools and methodologies and the practical was great! I liked the combination of theory and practice - able to apply what we were learning at every stage of the course. Also greatly appreciate the skills, knowledge and experience of the trainer." Joanna Moss PEASS

"Excellent - fast paced but all new information and concepts are accompanied with examples of application. The trainer has thorough and deep knowledge in career development. An extensive new model that offers many new tools of extreme value to the career development client." Tony Nicholls Hallett Cove School SA

"I really enjoyed the interactive activities and teamwork. I found by putting this in use in a practical setting helped me remember the information. I also found the aspects that worked for me included when the trainer applied a theory, situation, example etc. to a real based experience and made it factual. Excellent learning experience!" Melissa Krashias Uni SA

"Some excellent tools which I'll definitely be able to use and the methodology is highly valuable for career coaching." Liz Burbrook DECD SA

"Excellent - packed full of tools and methodologies for filling the career coaching toolkit for students to adults! Great!" Lindy Allchurch Careers Coach SA

"This workshop has been extremely helpful in providing a range of new tools to assist the personal development, educational growth and career development of students. It offers excellent tools and methodologies for career counselling practice. I liked the pre-reading and, while I usually find role-plays painful - I found the role-plays in the workshop most beneficial to learning the material." David Reynolds St Arnaud Secondary College SA

"Nigel's enthusiasm and passion for career management was a highlight! I will definately implement the tools we have explored over the last 3 days and if I go into private practice I'll be using this model - it is excellent. I'm excited about the new system and look forward to seeing it in action!" Donna O'Connor Pembroke School SA

"Nigel is an expert in the application of career development - outstanding. The stories and examples really helped embed the learning - this workshop is excellent value." Meryl Davies FVHS NSW

"LOVED IT!!! The second time around was even better than the first! Nigel is an unreal story teller and very engaging and supportive. Absolutely can't wait to use everything in this workshop - Thankyou!!! Kate Murray Defining Careers NSW

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