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"This workshop provides the opportunity of learning how reality construct can be used to develop student achievement and success and deal with people on a daily basis." Sandra Moran Henley HS

"Excellent - I am equipped to apply this learning tomorrow! This training offers the opportunity to learn and re-learn, I loved the methodology and the tools are very thorough and professional!" Tracey Wallace Ocean View College

"The understanding of how reality construct affects the choices we make and how to use this to improve learning relationships with students. The tools and resources were excellent!" Dave Higgins Ocean View College

"I really valued learning about learning styles and the ways this impacts upon students in the classroom. I also appreciate the thoroughness of the career management system and the tools learned in this program and the impact that will have at our school. An outstanding resource!" Michael Groff Ocean View College

"This is an excellent program that offers extreme value for counselling practice." Sonja Arnold Career Consultant Workskill Inc.

"This 'refresher' course was excellent the second time around too! Extremely beneficial for the career toolkit and the new tools and reports are terrific!" Ronel Bothma Careers All Hallows Qld

"A thoroughly enjoyable course - the trainers knowledge and expertise have assisted me to develop insights that will be beneficial not just for my professional life but more importantly for me personally. The practical nature of this course means you can learn and apply complex information easily." Gaye Chant Careers Trinity Anglican School Qld

"An excellent course!" David Bear Saint Stephens College Qld

"Relevant, engaging, clear explanations and highly valuable industry examples. The pre-reading met my learning style perfectly. Overall an excellent program." Alison Weeks Careers All Saints Anglican School Queensland

"Very informative program that has definite value for career counselling practice providing a range of excellent tools for use in schools and private practice. I found the course interesting, challenging and enjoyable. I feel the course offered a great deal of hands on materials and some excellent resources and strategies. I believe that the program offers a great deal of support and expertise. This program is very relevant to the areas of career couching in which I work. Excellent!" Paula Smith Careers Holy Spirit College Queensland

"An excellent program - the trainer built instant rapport (I thought he knew me!). This program has given me a 'compelling why' to use this program!" Michael Sly Careers St Luke's Anglican Brisbane

"An excellent program - the online reports and assessments are the best career assessments I've used! In addition, this was a lovely group of people! Thanks heaps!" Sharyn O'Connor Careers Southern Cross Catholic College Qld

"I was looking for a program to use with our year 10's which identified learning style, employability skills etc. The reports and assessments in this program are excellent in addition to their PR link with parents and the school." Helen Murdoch Careers Iona College Brisbane

"This program was excellent - Nigel is an expert in his field!" Joergette Abadiano Employment Consultant Konekt Employment NSW

"Very enjoyable subject matter and excellently presented by the trainer!" Dianne Kersten The Parramatta College NSW

"A extremely useful bunch of tools to work with students of all ages!" Maureen Tweed William Clarke College NSW

"Excellent and highly useful for practice with students and adults!" Vineet Makhiha Consultant Live-U-Enterprises NSW

"The examples used were fantastic learning tools, the short metaphors and meta-tools were excellent. A very well planned and knowledgeable 3 day workshop!" Emma Gersbach Western College NSW

"Very informative, fantastic examples helped integrate knowledge, simply excellent tools!" Cathy Ziliotto Careers WRCC NSW

"I am very excited about the opportunities that this training offers for the future. Insightful, informative, experiential, sequential, fascinating, sensory, practical - so overall an excellent workshop!" R. Westley Careers Kiama Community College NSW

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