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"The tools and methodologies in this workshop can be implemented in counselling immediately. I have never seen a better career development system than this - very impressed. Overall and excellent 3 day workshop!" Mohammed Azim Careers Danal Ulum College Victoria

"A completely well organised and structured learning experience - relevant, entertaining, engaging! Life changing insights and consulting techniques. Highly practical and overall excellent workshop!" Edwin Perera Career Consultant

"An excellent mix of stories, roleplays and a variety of learning activities! A comprehensive and detailed program which I look forward to using in practice! Fantastic tools for use in careers!" Kylie Collas Career Counsellor

"An expansive program providing a comprehensive set of tools and approaches for career coaching - excellent!" Rob Apps Education Manager Kangan Institute of TAFE

"This workshop has given me greater confidence! Thank you. This workshop provides a bunch of tools and strategies to more effectively deal with the issues that stop clients from reaching their potential." Sarah Lamble Career Counsellor Community Career Centre East Gippsland

"Exciting array of tools I look forward using with my students - great workshop!" John Nichols Careers Dimboola Memorial SC

"Just excellent!" Joanna Macklan NELLEN

"Good application of theory and practical application - a very helpful and informative 3 days packed full of relevant industry based selection of tools." Claire Cocks Career Counsellor

"An excellent program - uses a comprehensive approach to learning assisting skill development as well as understanding content. I enjoyed the invitation to 'drop-my-lens' and for the opportunity for personal growth and reflection - helping to shift old patterns." Christina Tait Swinburne University

"An excellent learning experience! Very easy to listen and learn - the tools this workshop teaches can be used at so many levels, school summaries for learning, employ-ability, learn-ability across all levels!" Mary Anne Lewis Geelong Grammar School

"Clear teaching, visual stories, repetition of ideas - excellent!" Amelia Koole Mt Evelyn Christian School

"Excellent - lots of variety of activities, good comprehensive course notes for later referral, lots of recall and revision to assist with understanding." Alison Wray

"This workshop provides a great insight into career-life behaviour with tools and methodology you can easily incorporate into current programs. Excellent!" Anne Shepherd Brotherhood of St Laurence

"A great introduction to the Swinburne Graduate Certificate in Career Development! The counselling methodology to maximise client outcomes is very good." Julie Strickland UTAS

"Excellent - very thorough workshop meeting all my learning goals extremely well. The tools and their application are excellent and relevant to the needs of secondary schools. Nigel is extremely knowledgeable!" Geoff Wood Nagle Catholic College WA

"Simply a great workshop - good mix of theory, examples and application. The stories were outstanding for use with clients. Excellent!" Jenny Marsh Careers Institute of Sport WA

"THANK YOU! Manual and presentation were excellent!" Sue Shaw MLC WA

"Excellent tools for the career counsellors toolkit!" Maureen Johnson Careers Ursuala Frayne College WA

"Excellent - provides a different theoretical context to assist in the self and career development of students. Facilitation of group discussion around theories and narratives was excellent." Michael Openshaw St Norbert College WA

"Highly enjoyable and relevant career training - building confidence in the career service delivery with great working documents to share with clients." Deb Middleton Careers Corpus Christi College WA

"Excellent - an extremely useful map for career development in schools proving a trackable framework when dealing with large numbers of students." Hazel Snell Careers Geraldton Senior College WA

"The way this workshop is presented makes the time fly! Simply an excellent learning experience - highly recommended!" Michelle Degney Dept of Ed NSW

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