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"Have used the CFT program for a long time but now I have a much deeper understanding. Nigel undeniably knows and understands the content! I'm excited about using this program with years 9, 10, 11 & 12. I especially liked the reality construct theory and how to meet students' needs by being able to understand their reality construct! Cathy Armstong St Albans SC

"A huge amount of information presented in a way that is accessible. The tools are immediately useful - excellent workshop!" Claire Polinson Alfred Hospital

"Excellent." Lynn Clarke Geelong Regional Vocational Education Council

"I enjoyed the whole program and felt challenged to explore and learn new things every day! An excellent program, a great framework and fantastic tools. Thank you." Tom Blake Bendigo Access Employment

"I have gained so much more from this program that what I expected. This workshop has opened other opportunities that I may consider for my own career. Thank you!" Valentina Mickovski Swinburne University

"This training is very enlightening - real value! Nigel really knows the content backwards. Both Universities and Schools get so much out of this training and the tools are fantastic. This training is relevant to your own personal and professional development as well as that of your client. Excellent!" Sue Elston University of Melbourne

"Great content, clear and so much to do - but enjoyable! Fantastic and engaging training and Nigel really knows his stuff. This training has given me so much value to my job - absolutely valuable! This training is fantastic all round!" Kylie Fox GRVEC

"An excellent program full of positive and informative career counselling tools." Catherine Sparks Careers 4 LIfe

"Very enjoyable and informative - highly recommended!" Geoff Cousins Private Practitioner

"A good theoretical basis gives this program validity. This fits with sound psychological prinicpals. The role plays and practical application set this workshop apart - excellent!" Erin McKenzie Psychologist Centrelink

"Excellent, Excellent, Excellent! Low key presentation - friendly atmosphere - excellent content - can't ask for better!" Brian Horan e-Careers Academy

"Nigel has a wealth of knowledge and practical expertise - the real life stories made this practical and instantly appealing to the careers practitioner to make the learning real. thank you!" Jacquie Silverthorne Resume's for Results

"This course really stretched our thinking - thank you! Nigel really knew his stuff and applied it in ways that we could instantly understand and apply. I feel that I can apply this into my business and really assist clients in a deeper mroe meaningful way. I loved every aspect of this training and its application to career-life. Thank you!" Jane Gallard Resume's for Results

"So interesting - loved it! I will never be able to look at people the same way again! The continual repitition and review of work was very helpful and the stories helped consolidate everything! Excellent - this training has absolutely added to my career counselling toolkit - Thankyou! Kate Murray NSW High School

"Flawless - Thank you - this workshop was clear in delivery, tailored to the pace of the group - I loved the stories which helped bed down the information and give it a real practical edge. Excellent all round! Amanda Hubbard Resume's for Results

"The online tools are simply perfect for private practice! Excellent all round!" Leanne Cleghorn Women in New Careers

"I liked the 'hands-on' activities which really accelerated my learning. Excellent and so very useful to the career practice." Adela Kohn Private Practitioner

"An intense workshop - so much valuable content - you don't want to miss anything! Very useful to practice and in application with students!" Marilyn Hubbard McKinnon SC

"A truly inspirational,motivational and thoroughly enjoyable workshop. Excellent in every aspect from delivery, content, value and learning. The new learn-ability scales are exceptionally valuable for clients. Thankyou!" Sheonaigh Rennie Career Practitioner

"Simply an excellent workshop - highly recommended!" A Forster Benalla College

"Excellent resources and delivery, very interesting and useful content - thoroughly dynamic and thorough! The real life stories brought the content to life - overall an excellent program all round!" Jason Evans McKinnon SC

"An excellent workshop that is really informative and engaging. The tools and resources with this program are outstanding and so cost-effective. They give you a formula from which you can run your whole career program. I also like that it involves the parents, can be integrated holistically across the curriculum and incorporates the 'system' of career-life influences. Fantastic!" Vivien Ride St Michaels Collegiate Tasmania

"Highly motivational and engaging program - excellent in every aspect! The tools and methodology is hugely useful with clients of all ages. The focus upon 'unlearning' the past and changing the 'patterns' that dominate the career-life is invaluable - anything else is just surface level. Truly inspiring and exceptional training." Leith Gourley Willunga HS SA

"An excellent program packed full of great career ideas, tools and strategies. The whole process is very useful for teaching, learning and career counselling programs." Pam Fletcher DECS SA

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