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how to enrol

We've ensured our enrolment process is as quick and easy as possible so our students can immediately start learning and begin on their new path to greater career prospects.



Not sure which course is the best fit to meet your career objectives? Before enrolling we offer all potential students course and career advice from an accredited career adviser to ensure you enrol in a course that is in your best interests, not ours.

A course adviser will go through your career plans and start a discussion on how online study can support and enhance those plans, what skills and qualifications you'll need for those future job roles, and the pathways available to you.



Once you're one hundred per cent confident in the course you've chosen you can enrol and start studying at any time.

The enrolment process is as speedy and streamlined as possible, but we don't skimp on our compliance obligations. Students are required to meet literacy and numeracy standards for the workforce as well as general technology literacy to ensure you'll be an effective online learner.

Once you complete the enrolment form you'll receive an email asking you to complete these next steps plus a few other things such as the online learning resources checklist.



Before you start your study you'll need to pay the first instalment for your course. Career Life College invoices one instalment per unit. This way the student is only paying for what they are studying. And if for any reason you want to withdraw from the course then you're not chasing after a full course fee you paid upfront.

After the first instalment you'll gain access to the e-learning portal and upon completion of each unit you'll receive an invoice for the next unit. We try to keep students on a one unit per month schedule, however we're flexible for people who study at a faster rate or who might need more time to complete each unit.

Also, if you live in Victoria don't forget to ask the course adviser about government funding or check out the eligibility criteria on the website.



So you've gone through all the steps and you're now in MyCLC - your portal to all the online learning materials, video tutorials, assessments, and everything else you need to complete the course. In MyCLC you'll find multiple resources to get you up to speed on navigating the portal and taking advantage of all the features.

You'll also receive a call from your new course trainer to welcome you to the course. The trainer will go over your career plan and formulate a study schedule to ensure you complete the course on the timeframe planned. They will make sure you know your way around MyCLC and advise you on where to start and how to methodically move through the learning material and assessments.


So that's the overview of our enrolment and getting started process. For anything we might have missed drop us an email or give us a call (details below).

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