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  1. The College acknowledges that prospective and current students interact with each other and the College with their own individual protected rights and values. The College therefore ensures that each individual is treated fairly and equally from the first moment he/she contacts the College until graduation.
  2. While the College is open and fair in not restricting students from accessing training programs, it balances this against the responsibility of enrolling students in training programs which clearly provide a benefit to the student. A benefit to the student could be in the form of:
    1. improving the chances of getting a job
    2. furthering an existing career
    3. personal or professional development
    4. meeting a regulatory requirement
  3. The College acknowledges that prospective and current students have their own individual personality, aspirations, experience, skills, knowledge, strengths, and weaknesses which affect their suitability for various careers and the courses which are pathways to them.
  4. The College therefore ensures that each individual’s suitability for a particular course or courses is assessed prior to enrolment as part of the application process. This assessment of suitability is done with the interests of the student as the priority. The aim is that the College directs each Applicant to a course which promotes their future or current prospects of employment or other benefit identified by the Applicant. This assessment of suitability should combine the use of formal assessments completed by the Applicant and directed conversions between the Applicant and delegated career counsellors or program coordinators.
    • Whilst practising an open access policy, it is recognised that client eligibility for services may be influenced by:
      • Government funding/contract requirements
      • Course prerequisites, and
      • Availability of services. Where limited places are available, client selection is on a first in, first served basis.
  5. All student decisions including, but not limited to, selection, access to staff, resource availability, student groupings, assessment, final grading and qualification issuance will not discriminate against students on the basis of:
    1. a personal characteristic not related to merit
    2. age (excepting where vocational programs or government requirements prevent this)
    3. breastfeeding
    4. carer status
    5. disability
    6. employment activity
    7. gender identity
    8. industrial activity
    9. lawful sexual activity
    10. marital status
    11. parental status
    12. physical features
    13. political belief or activity
    14. pregnancy
    15. race (including colour, nationality, ethnicity and ethnic origin)
    16. religious belief or activity
    17. sex
    18. sexual orientation
    19. personal association with someone who has, or is assumed to have, any of these personal characteristics.
  6. Student decision making processes are to be formulated with this policy front of mind to ensure that student fairness is enforced systematically and comprehensively
  7. Information pertaining to the student fair treatment is to made available to students and staff
  8. The full Access and Equity Policy is to be provided to the Applicant by email as part of the application process

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